Mesoestetic Collagen 360 Eye Contour 15ml


Last-generation cream particularly designed for the treatment of signs of periocular ageing. It stimulates fibroblasts to synthesise connective tissue components (collagens I, III, IV) and polysaccharides (glycosaminoglycans and hyaluronic acid).

It’s tightening active substances smooth out the eye contour and noticeably reduce wrinkles, stimulating collagen regeneration. Contains exclusive interferential pigments that reduce the rings under the eyes and signs of fatigue.


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Clock twice a day, morning and evening.
Apply morning and night to the eye surround with gentle touches of the fingertips until totally absorbed.



Recommended to combat moderate signs of ageing appearing around the eyes, typified by the appearance of fine wrinkles and a loss of firmness due to the degradation of the collagen fibres of the dermis, as well as the appearance of bags under the eyes.



  • Collagen
  • Oat Extract
  • Acetyl hexapeptide-8


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