Mesoestetic Radiance DNA Intensive Cream SPF15 50ml


Global-acting anti-ageing cream created particularly for reactivating vital skin functions, strengthening the protective barrier action. Radiance DNA intensive cream includes in its formula the powerful [meso]recovery complex® responsible for stimulating fibroblasts, for collagen and hyaluronic acid production and improving the skin defence against oxidative stress.

Bright and glowing, the skin recovers its elasticity and firmness and wrinkles gradually decrease.


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Clock once a day, morning.

Apply on face, neck and neckline in the morning as a second step in anti-ageing beauty, insisting on the facial contour, nasolabial folds, around the lips and the area between the eyebrows.



Combat the advanced signs of ageing which appear on face, neck and neckline, where the skin loses firmness, the roughness of texture in increased due to loss of moisture and deep wrinkles appear. It is also rated as SPF 15, which gives protection against the harmful effects of solar radiation.



  • [meso]recovery complex®
  • Hyaluronic acid


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