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CRYO Anti-Cellulite

If you have stubborn areas of fat that you have been unable to get rid of even with exercise and diet, this Cryo Body Contouring treatment is for you. This method is also called “cool body sculpting”, “ice lipo”, or “cryolipolysis”, which allows you to remove unwanted fats effortlessly and without surgery or downtime, so you can look fantastic from any angle.

The science behind cryolipolysis, “fat freezing,” was developed by a Harvard scientist and is a proven method that allows fat cells to be frozen without damaging other healthy cells in the body. The procedure was designed to target and permanently eliminate stubborn fat cells in a non-surgical way.

In addition to the tummy, love handles, saddle bags, bingo wing arms, little fingers, inner thighs, inner knees, above knees, and chins, other areas can also be treated.

Our non-invasive treatments are carefully designed and expertly conducted by our trained staff. You can trust us because we are using cutting-edge technology that delivers outstanding effects.

We use controlled cooling to burn fat, reduce cellulite and help you achieve your ideal body shape effortlessly. Your body will be noticeably slimmer and tighter after just a few sessions!

  • Can reduce cellulite
  • Non-invasive body toning & sculpting
  • Tighten saggy skin


Cellulite Reduction

Body Toning

Skin Tightening

Slimming Effect


Esthemax Jelly Mask

Whole Body Cryotherapy

MediLux LED

Mini Frotox Treatment


As the suction pad is applied to the area and cooled, there is an initial feeling of tightness that passes in seconds, and most people are able to comfortably sleep or work for the 40 minute treatment. Fat cells are killed as a result of freezing, and are removed from the body over a period of 3 months.

Identify any areas where fat stubbornly clings to the body. You may need another type of treatment if you have a significant amount of fat to lose first, such as cavitation, which ensures that you lose a substantial amount of fat.

This non-invasive method requires no anesthesia or painkillers, and no recovery time is required. Most clients are comfortable during the procedure since they can read, work on their laptop, listen to music, or just relax.

Depending on the situation. Up to four areas can be treated simultaneously. Nevertheless, some areas cannot be treated simultaneously, for example inner thighs usually require one treatment at a time.

There is very little downtime, and no need to schedule time off. Occasionally, there is bruising and swelling of the area, but this usually disappears quickly. There may be some pain afterward that can be relieved by taking Paracetamol, but it is very rare that prescription medication will be needed.

Fat freezing is permanent, but this is the perfect time to change your lifestyle and eating habits to avoid gaining weight.



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Have a particular area of concern? Book a free consultation and have a trained CryoCare therapist assist you with mapping out the best treatment plan for your goals.

It’s time to gently boost your body’s natural ability to regenerate at a cellular level!


Ok! I’m telling you that if you want to get the results and you tried to get toned and loose fat in certain areas of your body, you should have it a go with Rasha and her team! I’m telling you that, I’m really really happy that I found them. I’ve tried many ways and didn’t even work. I’ve tried personal trainer and so many other things. But their treatments are really a good way to see the differences between what you dream of and what you get for! I’ve got 90% of the results that I’ve dreamed of. I need to have couple of more sessions to get my 100% results done ✔️ Thank you for giving my confidence back X
Sarah Gebron
Sarah Gebron
Highly recommend Rasha and the team at Cryocare, they suggested the best solution for my problem and im grateful for a successful result.
Amro Serry
Amro Serry
Had an amazing experience.. staff is knowledgeable and very courteous .. will definitely be a regular
Ahmed Arafa
Ahmed Arafa
They are the best great service and great team they are experts knowing what they doing highly recommend and booked more sessions 👏👏👏👏they simply the best
Bassima khanji
Bassima khanji
Total relaxing atmosphere highly recommend it👍


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