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It is possible to treat small localised areas of pain and inflammation, or minor irritation on the skin without resorting to medication. The Cryo Penguin is an excellent device for applying cryotherapy locally to specific, specific parts of the body. 

As part of this treatment, a specific area of your skin is dramatically cooled in order to reduce inflammation and boost blood circulation. By increasing the circulatory system, this will result in the stimulation of a host of beneficial effects on your body.

Stimulate your body’s natural muscle pump with our air compression massage boots. This fitness favourite eliminates toxins and metabolites that can prolong muscle soreness and delay recovery.

The heaviness caused by intense workouts is relieved through a compression and decompression technique that combines both intense muscle recovery and healing.

  • Accelerate muscle recovery
  • Stimulate lymphatic drainage
  • Release lactic acid build-up
  • Flush toxins
  • Relieve pain


Muscle Recovery

Pain Relieving

Lymphatic Drainage

Toxin Removal


Esthemax Jelly Mask

Mini Frotox Treatment

MediLux LED

Whole Body Cryotherapy


Athletes and non-athletes alike can benefit from regular NormaTec compression boots. Three different types of massages are used in the boots in order to speed up the body’s natural recovery process.

NormaTec compression therapy should be used for at least 30 minutes to ensure maximum benefit.

Compression therapy is performed by placing a device around your arms or legs over the affected area for a period of time. During the session you will feel like a very tight squeeze working its way up the chambers of the device you have selected. As it soothes your sore and tired muscles, it feels like a very relaxing massage.

The benefits of this product will be obvious to anyone who exercises a lot with their legs, such as running, cycling, swimming, going to the gym, playing football or CrossFit. Also anyone who spends a great deal of time at a desk or walking around will benefit. The massage is also extremely relaxing!

NormaTec is recommended after a heavy training session, or after you have been on your feet all day long. It is possible to use NormaTec on a daily basis, or whenever it suits your schedule.

Choosing clothes that fit closely and are comfortable is the best option. Clothing that is too loose can bunch and feel uncomfortable as the device compresses.



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Have a particular area of concern? Book a free consultation and have a trained CryoCare therapist assist you with mapping out the best treatment plan for your goals.

It’s time to gently boost your body’s natural ability to regenerate at a cellular level!


Ok! I’m telling you that if you want to get the results and you tried to get toned and loose fat in certain areas of your body, you should have it a go with Rasha and her team! I’m telling you that, I’m really really happy that I found them. I’ve tried many ways and didn’t even work. I’ve tried personal trainer and so many other things. But their treatments are really a good way to see the differences between what you dream of and what you get for! I’ve got 90% of the results that I’ve dreamed of. I need to have couple of more sessions to get my 100% results done ✔️ Thank you for giving my confidence back X
Sarah Gebron
Sarah Gebron
Highly recommend Rasha and the team at Cryocare, they suggested the best solution for my problem and im grateful for a successful result.
Amro Serry
Amro Serry
Had an amazing experience.. staff is knowledgeable and very courteous .. will definitely be a regular
Ahmed Arafa
Ahmed Arafa
They are the best great service and great team they are experts knowing what they doing highly recommend and booked more sessions 👏👏👏👏they simply the best
Bassima khanji
Bassima khanji
Total relaxing atmosphere highly recommend it👍


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