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Hair Regrowth Therapy

Scar Reduction Treatment therapy uses the body’s own natural healing power to slow or even reverse the ageing process – it’s a groundbreaking repair system that uses growth factors in precisely the right place to promote collagen production and skin renewal.

Among the many components of platelets are growth factors – proteins that promote the healing of injured tissues. Injecting platelets again releases their growth factors, which stimulate surrounding cells to proliferate, thereby stimulating tissue repair, increasing volume, and rejuvenating the skin. Collagen and growth factors are responsible for plumper, firmer, and more youthful-looking skin.

Get the most natural hair rejuvenation treatment available that prevents hair loss and hair thinning. A Hair Regrowth Treatment combines the restorative power of our body’s natural nutrients with the expertise of our experienced doctor.

Natural hair loss treatments can be effective and suitable for both males and females in the early stages of thinning hair. Natural treatment that restores weakened hair follicles and encourages new hair growth using the body’s own growth factors.

In addition to boosting the blood supply to hair follicles, growth factors promote tissue regeneration, collagen production, and hair follicle regeneration. Through a rejuvenation of hair follicles, this treatment increases hair’s potential for thickening, strengthening, and growth.

  • Hair loss due to genetics
  • Thinning hair
  • Androgenetic alopecia
  • Stress-induced hair loss
  • Hair loss caused by hormones or pregnancy
  • Stimulate newly transplanted follicles
  • Supplement a hair loss treatment regimen
  • Thinning hair grows thicker and fuller
  • Boosts the health of the scalp and hair loss is slowed
  • Enhances collagen production
  • Blood supply to hair follicles is increased
  • Increases hair shaft thickness
  • Regulates the growth of hair



Thinning Hair


Genetic Hair Loss

Hair Growth



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Have a particular area of concern? Book a free consultation and have a trained CryoCare therapist assist you with mapping out the best treatment plan for your goals.

It’s time to gently boost your body’s natural ability to regenerate at a cellular level!


Ok! I’m telling you that if you want to get the results and you tried to get toned and loose fat in certain areas of your body, you should have it a go with Rasha and her team! I’m telling you that, I’m really really happy that I found them. I’ve tried many ways and didn’t even work. I’ve tried personal trainer and so many other things. But their treatments are really a good way to see the differences between what you dream of and what you get for! I’ve got 90% of the results that I’ve dreamed of. I need to have couple of more sessions to get my 100% results done ✔️ Thank you for giving my confidence back X
Sarah Gebron
Sarah Gebron
Highly recommend Rasha and the team at Cryocare, they suggested the best solution for my problem and im grateful for a successful result.
Amro Serry
Amro Serry
Had an amazing experience.. staff is knowledgeable and very courteous .. will definitely be a regular
Ahmed Arafa
Ahmed Arafa
They are the best great service and great team they are experts knowing what they doing highly recommend and booked more sessions 👏👏👏👏they simply the best
Bassima khanji
Bassima khanji
Total relaxing atmosphere highly recommend it👍


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